Get them outside!

Get them outside!

I don’t know about you, but winter seems to have dragged on for way too long this year. However, finally, and predictably the days are long and the sun is warming us all up. This is the season to fully embrace being outside in nature, even if it’s on your own lawn, nature is all around us and begging for us to enjoy it.

Nature, with its stick for mixing potion, trees for climbing and long grass for hiding, it’s the prefect resource to engaging the senses. It is awesome for growing the brain and the body. Nowhere else provides, physical, emotional, creative, fine motor skills gross motor skills all at the same time, all you have to do is set up the space.



A little ones mind can run wild with make believe adventures camping in far off lands. Provide a teepee, and a few kitchen toys, and they can usually be amused for an entire afternoon setting up camp, making a picnic, for their teddies, and reading them stories in their tent. It’s a great opportunity to develop empathy, nurturing, and social skills. 


There is nothing like open space to bring the whole family together, from a simple ball game, paper aeroplane races, and my all time favourite, a family bike ride. Exploring the local area on two wheels gives a new dimension, and it’s amazing how far little legs like to go when they have a bike to ride. Download a local map of your area and make a challenge to find new paths or streets and see what you discover.

Have some Fun! 

We love nothing more then heading out with our Dr Zigs Bubbles! Dr Zigs Giant Bubble mix (or Dragon Juice as we like to call it) is made of 97% pure Welsh water and is 100% manufactured in the Uk, not too far from Bug HQ. 


Either Way, just head outside! 

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