Summer boredom busters!

Summer boredom busters!

The summer holidays are upon us, bringing with it promises of endless sunshine filled days filled with activities, beach days, picnics in the park and childrens laughter as they busy themselves all summer long. Then reality hits us, it’s raining, the kids are squabbling and the constant “I’m bored” rings in our ears like a annoying tiktok on repeat that we can’t get out of our heads!

The key to salvation is to have a few tricks up your sleeve for such an episode, a few little activities you can throw together in minutes with items you already have around the home.

Mind blank? Here are a few ideas to get you started whilst you put on the kelt tile for a well earned cuppa.

1. Skittles

You don’t actually need a skittle set, a collection of empty plastic bottles destined for the recycling will do just fine, to make it a little more challenging you could fill the bottoms with dried beans, lentils or sand to give some weight, set them up in a triangle, 3 for little ones or a full blown 10 pin bowling style for the older ones, a ball and off you go.

if your looking for a cute set of skittles, the jungle skittles are hard to beat with their animal cuteness.


2. Be an archaeologist.

Ok, disclaimer, this one does take a little make ahead time- but it will be worth it.

Find a selection of small toys, little dinosaurs work brilliantly for this but can be anything, even some coins. Mix  2 parts cornflour with 1 part water, pour into a container and drop in you toys or coins, leave to dry out in a warm place- this can take up to 2 days.

Once dry, the littles can have great fun chipping away to discover their toys.

if you want to double the fun, of course they would love to make this with you, the flour, water mix makes oobleck, and makes a highly sensory activitiy in its own right as they will love playing with it whilst they bury their toys.

Want the fun without the faff? We’ve got your back with ready to go dig discovery sets- No prep required.



let’s give them some active time. Grab some masking tape, lay it down on the floor in a hopscotch  pattern, add some numbers - either cut the numbers out or just place squares tape in the centre and write the numbers on. Have a small sandbag or something soft to throw that won’t roll (you can even get a dish cloth, put some rice in the centre gather and tie with a bobble if you can’t find anything) and off they go. A sneaky bit of number recognition and counting thrown in for the youngest children.



There’s lots of things you can do just by grabbing some bits around the house.


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