Weasel Waffle-Spring is almost here.

Weasel Waffle-Spring is almost here.

Spring is nearly here at last, and what better way to welcome the new season and enjoy the ever increasing daylight hours than with some outside playtime. Here are some ideas to get outside!

Feed the birds

There are so many ways to have fun making bird feeders, from filling used plastic bottles with seeds to making fat balls that our feathered friends will love. Why not document the different birds that visit the garden, it will give both of you a chance to get to know the local birds~you may even spot other wildlife like squirrels, ladybirds and other critters.

Plant a veg patch

If there’s one thing that will ensure regular time outside it’s tending to a veg garden.

It can be as simple as a few small containers filled with lettuce leaves to a full blown allotment. Start with easy to grow veggies such as courgette, tomato, or peas. Our favourite way to grow peas is up a bamboo cane teepee, we love to watch our .,seedlings grow to eventually make a full hide out.

Play ball

What can be easier than a simple ball.  From solo games of skittles to a family mini football match, the opportunities are endless.

Make a construction site

It could be a sandpit, a little mound of soil in a tough tray, or a whole muddy border. Children young and old will go wild for the chance to dig, scoop and make roads for their favourite construction toys and cars~ add water if you’re feeling brave for a truly sensory playtime.

Go on a scavenger hunt

A fun way to look out for the first signs of spring. Write a list  (or print out pictures for pre-readers) of new things they may find on a local walk. A daffodil or tulip? A new bud on a tree? The first cherry blossom? A ladybird or butterfly?

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