🫧Welcome to the wonderful world of  Dr Zigs 🫧

🫧Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr Zigs 🫧

Dr Zigs is a magical company, based in the foothills of Snowdonia, not too far from Bug HQ. 
They create some of the best giant bubble toys in the world! The first bubble mix they created was aptly named “dragon bubbles, from the way the bubbles shine and change colour when the lights hits… that and they can get as big as a dragon. Dr Zigs has a strong focus on being as ethical and as environmentally conscious, which makes them even better in our opinion! 


How to make the most out of your bubbles🫧

🫧Firstly the are lots of different concentrations of mix - mostly for convenience, and because Dr Zigs are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.  So before you mix it’s important to check what solution you have to ensure you mix it to the correct quantity. 

🫧  No matter the concentration, how you mix is more or less the same.

🫧Pour the mix into a container.  You can either use one of the hand Dr Zigs buckets, or a bowl, or even Tupperware.

🫧 Slowly add the required amount of water depending on the Dr Zigs mix. 

🫧 Using, using a spoon or the end of a wand, give the mix a gentle but thorough stir.  Too much agitation adds air, and therefore bubbles into the mix – and you want bubbles in the air not in the bucket – and the frothier the mix, the less well the bubbles will work.

🫧 Once your mix is mixed, your ready to go bubbling! But one more quick tip from us. Once you have dipped your wand, hang it over the container and let it drip for a few moments, before you create some  mega bubbles! 




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