Why a Pretend a Shopping Trolly…

Posted by Katie Jones on

Role play toys such as a shopping trolley, a pretend till or a cleaning set may not seem like the most exciting toys on the market, but children love them and they give them some great benefits when it comes to education and development such as…


✨Role Play, let them practice what it’s like to be an adult! Let’s face it, even as a grown up we still need more practice to adult some days.

✨Hand eye co-ordination, taking things in and out let’s them figures out what fits and what doesn’t. Ensuring that they get those coins in the correct till compartment etc.

✨ Number Recognition, counting things in and out of their trolleys. It’s a great way to start bringing numerical values into play. 

 While they are playing they are developing their skills and making sense of their world. To us grown ups it’s just a trolly to our little ones it’s a way to act out their experiences, while gaining valuable skills.