Why Choose Wooden Toys

Why Choose Wooden Toys

Why wooden toys

Natural is best

The main reason for choosing wooden toys is that they are natural and renewable. Because wood is a living material, it isn’t subject to the same environmental concerns as plastics or other non-renewable materials. The trees used to create wood products are a renewable resource, much like cotton or wool. Wood is totally safe for children to play with and has many benefits:

  • Wood is naturally antibacterial.

  • Wooden toys don’t contain harmful chemicals or toxins like plastics can.

  • A wooden toy develops a character as it gets older, making them more charming as they age.

  • Wooden toys help foster imagination! 

No batteries required

Another advantage is the wooden toy's lack of batteries. We've all been there, new toy and no batteries or your little one has just fallen asleep in the back seat of the car, only to wake up when their plastic toy starts making noise and flashing lights at them for no discernible reason.

Wooden toys don't require batteries or any sort of energy source whatsoever—they're powered purely by your child's imagination!

Wooden toys are also great for more than one child to play with. For example, if you were to buy two wooden trains, two children could play together by adding new tracks and seeing how fast they could make their trains go around a corner or through a tunnel.

Simple, sustainable play

When you choose wooden toys, you're choosing playthings that are made to last! All our products are hand picked by Katie, they must be “good for the people who make them and good for the planet” This means that the makers and creators of the toys use environmentally friendly ways to manufacture and pay the workers  a fair wage and work in an environment that you or I would expect. 

Toys for future collectors

If you're a parent, it may not always be easy to think long-term when you're caught up in the day-to-day chaos of caring for your little ones. It can be hard to imagine that one day your kids will grow up and move out, but when they do, their childhood toys could become items of value—even ones that can be passed on to future generations. Whether you want your kids' toys to hold sentimental value for them or have the potential to gain monetary value over time, wooden pieces are an excellent choice. Wooden toys are generally very durable and high quality and can last for years or decades with proper care (though even if they get a little rough handling along the way, many parents prefer their imperfections). When wooden toys break down over time, they can also often be repaired or restored more easily than plastic ones can. Wooden toys can make excellent family heirlooms, but even if they're not quite at that level of significance yet in your family's life story, they still make unique and special gifts for any child (or adult!).

Wooden toys are beautiful and long lasting.

  • Wooden toys are beautiful and long lasting.

Wooden toys are made to last, essential when you will no doubt be spending a hefty amount on them. They also have a wonderful organic look and feel to them that brightens up any nursery, playroom or even living room! If you want something that is going to stand the test of time, then wooden toys are a must-have.

  • Wooden toys can be passed on to siblings or sold on.

It’s very likely that your child will just grow out of their wooden toy before it’s completely worn out – meaning it can be passed down to younger siblings or sold second hand for not much less than what you paid for it originally! Unlike plastic, wooden toys age beautifully and generally don’t suffer from the same wear and tear issues as plastic does (aside from a few small scratches!). Plastic toys tend to look cheap after they have been used and while they may still work perfectly well they don’t sell second hand for very much at all!

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