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A lot of other products claim to offer ‘safe’ nail colours for kids. But we believe Snails really is the safest, so we thought we’d use our brand new blog to tell everyone why.

Absolutely nothing toxic

First off, there’s absolutely nothing toxic in Snails.

Ordinary, grown-up nail polish has lots of harsh chemicals. Even some polishes made for children contain things like toluene and parabens, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

But Snails is just a clever mix of water, acrylic polymer, and harmless colorants. Our polishes contain NOTHING ELSE!

No chemical removers needed

Some kids’ nail polishes might contain few or no toxins. But to remove them, you still need to use harsh chemical removers on your children’s dainty fingers.

Not with our polishes. Snails polishes are water-based, so they wash off with soap and water. (They wash out of clothes and curtains, too.)

And yes, they do last ‘til school time!

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