Janod's Basket of Fruit and Vegtables

Janod's Basket of Fruit and Vegtables


This colourful 24 piece wooden fruit and vegetable set in a wicker style basket is perfect for pretend play fun in our play shops and play kitchens. The basket is rubberised wicker which makes it tough and durable and includes the following yummy healthy foods:

2 x Lemons 2 x Strawberries 2 x Green Peppers 2 x Tomatoes 2 x Bananas 2 x Carrots 2 x Radish 2 x Leeks 2 x Mushrooms 2 x Potatoes 2 x Cherries 2 x Oranges

Size: 22cm x 15cm x 16cm

Suitable for ages 3 and upwards.

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