Our Story

Once was a little girl who loved to play and play. This little girl grew up and had two of her own but, much to her dismay, she could not find any toys of old. She searched and searched, both high and low, just so her little Bug and Bear could play too as she worried that her Bug and Bear were in danger of losing their imagination to a world of technology and battery operated toys. This gave the girl an idea. She created her very own shop so all the children, big and small, could play, learn and develop (or rediscover) their imagination. After all, we all love toys.

Our philosophy is to select the type of toy and gift that parents remember with fondness from their own childhood and that Grandparents will want to buy for their grandchildren. We have all felt that warm glow of happiness when you see a toy from your childhood. We guarantee that all our products are fun, exciting and will capture everybody's imagination.

We are a grass roots environmentally friendly slightly barmy shop who has a passion for toys and play.