Our Story

Weasel and The Bug is a small shop with big ideas, and you can find us right in the heart of Chester on Watergate Street. 
We started out when our founder Katie could not find the type of toys she wanted for her family, or the toy shopping experience necessary to truly appreciate a toy. So the decision was made, a Facebook page was created and boxes upon boxes of goods were squashed into the smallest of cars as Katie set up in markets – with a baby in tow! 
Selling at markets showed people there was another way to shop. That toys needed to be touched, felt, and loved in order to be truly appreciated. In 2016 our dreams came true and we were able to open up a shop on Chester’s high street. Here you and your littles can have a proper explore of the toys available and access the wealth of knowledge from the Weasel and The Bug team. 
Whilst we may be a small shop, we have BIG values at our core. We believe that you should buy well and pass on, that toys should be powered by children and not by batteries, and there is nothing better than having a parent tell us ‘sorry about the mess’ as they leave the shop after their littles have had a good play. 
We know that we need to take better care of our planet, and so we only stock products which are sustainably sourced and ethically made. We want to ensure that everyone from the creators to the makers of our goods are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions. This will never change.
Now in 2021, the dream is still going and the Weasel and the Bug family is only getting bigger. We have had to adjust like so many of our fellow shops but our values have stayed the same, and we are so thankful to all of you who are cheering for us. Who knows where the next 4 years will take us….