Candyvan Milk van

candy lab

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Meet the Candycars and Candyvans, the new pocket-sized, vintage-inspired wooden toy cars from Candylab, beautifully crafted as always from solid beech wood. The Milk Van comes with amazing Freesian cow paintwork and a pink rubber udder on top. Too fun!

Size: 8.4 x 4 x 6.6cm.

Why We Love Candy Cars. 

Candylab Toys create wonderful heirloom wooden toy cars and play sets, inspired by a 'glamorous 1960s American modernist vibe'. Deliberately elegant yet super-durable, these beautiful cars are crafted from solid wood - the opposite of forgettable plastic toys. A super gift to children to encourage imaginative play, the cars look super-stylish on a shelf when they're not being played with too!