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Olli Ella, Dozy Dinkums - Pie * Limited Edition

Olli Ella, Dozy Dinkums - Pie * Limited Edition

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The Olli Ella Pie Dozy Dinkum Doll is a Limited Edition soft, cotton baby doll, with light brown skin and a non-removable green striped onesie that can be posed and laid down like a real baby. The limited edition Pudding and Pie dolls are perfect for the festive period, with a warm and cozy look to keep your little ones comfy this winter.

With a fully cotton outer layer and polyester interior, this doll toy is plush and tactile which makes it safe and suitable for children of all ages. The smooth onesie and fluffy polyester hair makes for a wonderful sensory experience for the little ones, giving them a relaxing and sleepy buddy to cuddle up with. This figure is lightweight and easy to pick up and carry, but designed to move in a way that teaches children to correctly hold a baby and support its head.

Each of the Dozy Dinkums feature a embroidered facial features and a vibrant rainbow badge on their chest. Whether they're someone to hug during nap time or a small baby for role play, these Dozy Dinkum dolls are a wonderful, colourful companion.



Why we love Ollie Ella.

Started by two sisters who dreamed of creating something magical together!

Ollie Ella creates sustainably made homewares, apparel, children's products, toys and baskets. Makers of the luggy basket. Ollie Ella uses natural materials, with a focus on craftsmanship and ethical production.


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