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Dr Zigs

Dr Zigs, Frozen Bubble Kit *NEW*

Dr Zigs, Frozen Bubble Kit *NEW*

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Our New Frozen Bubble Kit is finally here!

Make EXTRAORDINARY FROZEN BUBBLES and watch the crystals grow with the new Dr Zigs Frozen Bubble Kit, can be used indoor (in your freezer) or outdoor and is just the perfect present this Christmas.

It comes in a flatpack box, the perfect size to fit through your letterbox for easy postage and great for your Christmas Stockings!

Each kit contains everything you need to make the most beautiful Frozen Bubbles this Winter Holidays:

  • 1 Bamboo Straw
  • 1 Bamboo Cup
  • 1 100ml of Ready to Go Freezable Bubble Mix
  • 1 Set of instructions with all the tips and tricks to make the most beautiful Frozen Icy Bubbles

This kit can be used outdoor, performs best at temperatures < -5 degrees, and can be also used indoor in the freezer (IT MAY NOT WORK IN NEWER  GENERATION/NO FROST FREEZERS AS THEY ARE DESIGNED TO STOP ICE CRYSTALS) so much you can learn about crystals shape and science and such a wonderful idea for these wintery days. 

Watching the crystals form is both incredibly beautiful, makes for amazing photography, and makes for a wonderful science project as you learn about crystal formation.

Our Frozen Bubble Kit is entirely made of sustainable and biodegradable vegan materials, making it the best eco toy this Christmas.

Dr Zigs is Made In UK, meaning no shortages or fear of selling out before Christmas.


Why We Love Dr Ziggs.

Dr Ziggs is a fabulous little company, based in the foothills of Snowdonia. They manufacture some of the best giant bubble toys in the world, with a unique focus on being as ethical and as environmentally conscious.




f your looking for impressive bubbles, that are earth friendly, vegan and made locally then Dr Zigs award winning giant bubbles is for you! They bring, joy, magic and wonder where ever they are blown!

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