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Oi! top selling and award-winning range of children's books have now branched out with this exciting activity toy!

Oi! Magnetic Creative Writing helps children to create their own stories. Using the 48 magnetic pieces, children will develop their creative skills as they complete the activities suggested on the back of the pack.

Oi Frog, Oi Dog and more have been hugely popular with children and teachers as the books, a publishing sales phenomenon, combine hilarious rhymes and gorgeous pictures.

Oi! Magnetic Creative Writing is suitable for ages 4-8 and contains a board and pen as well as 24 magnetic picture pieces, and 24 magnetic phonic and word pieces.

Age: 4-8yrs

Board measures 20cm x 32cm


Why We Love Fiesta Crafts.


 Fiesta Crafts love to create traditional toys with a contemporary twist!Fiesta Crafts is a Fundamentally Children Endorsed Company – therefore you can be confident you are getting great quality toys that support a happy, playful childhood every time.