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Fiesta Crafts, Magnetic Fractions

Fiesta Crafts, Magnetic Fractions

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This magnetic fractions board from Fiesta Crafts is a great way to help children understand fractions, percentages and decimals.  This set includes a dry wipe board and pen and 52 double sided chunky magnetic pieces.  Turn the pieces over to see the fraction and then the decimal or line them up to fill in parts of shapes or units.  Answers are on the reverse making it easy for your child to check if they have the right answers and the wipe clean board makes it easy to rub out and start again.

Suitable for children aged 4 - 9 years

Board measures 18cm x 25.4cm


Why We Love Fiesta Crafts.


 Fiesta Crafts love to create traditional toys with a contemporary twist!Fiesta Crafts is a Fundamentally Children Endorsed Company – therefore you can be confident you are getting great quality toys that support a happy, playful childhood every time. 


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