Koa Koa Build A Hand Crank Doorbell

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Young scientific minds will love to unravel the mystery of the inner workings of everyday objects with this creative Build A Hand Crank Doorbell kit from Koa Koa. The set includes; gears, bike bell, screws, washers, nuts - all to create their very own doorbell which can be easily hung from a wall or on a bedroom door by the four holes in the base plate. Watch little faces light up as they set their creative imagination free, growing understanding of the inner workings of simple objects and engineering concepts. Koa Koa kits are designed to awaken the senses, engaging children in problem solving, invention, mechanical concepts, whilst connecting to the physical world. A great opportunity to grow understanding and interest in STEM concepts by asking simple questions: How do gears work? What is a gear ratio?

Once the set is built, this doorbell kit can provide hours of entertainment. Turn the crank, watch the gears in motion, then push the hammer to trigger the bell. You can also colour and paint the set once it is put together, even paint the doorbell, enabling children to really make it their own. Children will feel proud of their invention, helping to boost confidence and social skills.

Suitable for age 6+