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Korko, Cork Block Set - Small Architects 20 Piece

Korko, Cork Block Set - Small Architects 20 Piece

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20 Piece, 8 Shape Cork Block Set:- Sustainable, Inspiring, Soft & Silent, Durable, Safe & Antibacterial 

18mth +

Building blocks are an educational toy. Cork building blocks teach little ones about cause and effect, promote their fine motor skills and let their imaginations run free. Thanks to their unique nature, they are particularly great for stacking, lining up, building with and even for knocking down towers of blocks without a loud crash or risk of injury. Perfectly suited for promoting dexterity through play thanks to their very special texture, our building blocks are suitable for tiny tots from just 18 months old.

Care Instructions:

  • Simply wipe down with a damp cloth
  • Don't forget: cork is a natural product, meaning that small parts may come loose. This is totally normal and does not affect the function of the toy in any way.

High towers, brightly-coloured cities and fun games – our little ones’ imaginations know no bounds with these colourful building blocks. That means the architects of tomorrow can really let loose and improve their design skills by building imaginative constructions. The blocks can also be sorted according to shape and colour. You can even use them as a fun way to practise counting.

We use cork because it is one of the most natural absorbers of CO2 in the world. What’s more, no trees need to be cut down because only the bark is removed. The material is ideal for toys because of its many positive qualities. It has better non-slip properties than other toys, feels extremely warm to the touch, has an anti-bacterial effect and is particularly lightweight. It is even perfectly suited for those with allergies thanks to its anti-static effect. The building blocks are then treated using water-based dyes.
Our toys, as well as their minimal packaging, are produced in Portugal, which gives us short transport routes and fulfils our commitment to production in Europe. The cork oak captures a large amount of CO² in its bark. We can use this bark in our toys, which makes them climate-neutral and extremely good for the environment thanks to the wonderful properties of cork.


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