Lanka Kade, Bat


New for 2020 is this gorgeous Lanka Kade Bat. 


 • Painted on both sides with a colourful design showing a natural wood grain edge. 

• Dimensions: 33mm (H) x 84mm (W) x 25mm (D).

• Super chunky size - each figure is 25mm thick - perfect for small hands. 

And not too delicate to worry about.

• Made from eco friendly wood.

• Perfect for small world play, story sacks and more.


Suitable for age of 10 months



Why we love Lanka Kade.

Lanka Kade's beautiful handmade toys and dolls bring joy to children around the world as well as providing sustainable, fairly paid employment to over 200 Sri Lanka'n families and supporting schools across Sri Lanka.  Their colourful wooden toys are handmade from sustainably managed rubberwood and painted with eco paints, and the gorgeous dolls are made from fabulous fabric, produced by an expert team of weavers.  Children and parents alike will love the wide range of fair trade, eco toys that are built to last and provide years of fun.  From chunky jigsaws to vehicles, blocks, play sets, rag dolls and a whole lot more besides, there's a Lanka Kade toy for every child.