Lottie Doll, Ballet Class

Type: Lottie Doll

We love Lottie Dolls here at Bug HQ. They are based on the average 9 year old girl instead of an adult.

Meet Olivia, she’s all ready for her ballet class. Dressed in a pink tutu, cardigan and leg warmers she’s ready for her debut performance. 

The perfect companion for any ballet obsessed Little!


Suitable for 3 years+


Why we love Lottie Dolls

The Lottie and Finn Doll range is always growing to include more lovely characters inspired by real kids! Lottie and Finn have bendable knees with ball socket hips and arms and a head that moves side to side for versatile play! The popular toys have realistic, "childlike" body-shapes, to instil an honest and healthy view on body-image and they don't wear excessive make-up! The range encourages diversity and pursuing your dreams, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or ability! Be bold, be brave, be YOU!