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Plan Toys

Plan toys, Stacking Logs

Plan toys, Stacking Logs

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This is an amazing  strategic fun game which helps develop fine motor skills. The set consists of 10 blocks with different shapes, 2 sticks and 1 base. The player starts playing by using a hand to stack a log without making it fall.

For an additional challenge, the player has to add the logs into the stick then hold the stick in one hand and stack a log on the base one by one. The player that can stack a log without making it fall is the winner. Ideal for 1-2 players.

Suitable for 3 years and over

Dimensions: 6 x 5.3cm


Why we love Plan Toys.

Plan Toys thrive on sustainability!

By focusing on child safety and age milestones during design and production, Plan’s wooden toys enhance both physical and cognitive development.


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