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Re, Cycle, Me

Re, Cycle, Me

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Turn your rubbish into art.

Re, Cycle, Me encourages your children to be creative whilst making them aware of rubbish and the impact on our planet. 

‘We believe in a world in which children & families become more aware of the rubbish we are all producing. A world where children help by reducing, recycling or re-using‘ - Re, Cycle, Me

Suitable age 4 years upwards. 


Why we love Re, Cycle, Me

 At Re, Cycle, Me their saying is "Turn your Garbage into Art" and that is exactly what they do!

By reducing the waste you create, at Re, Cycle, Me they like to reuse it and give it a new lease of life, they are passionate about developing eco - friendly kids products that help children imagine, create, learn, reuse and play while protecting their planet.


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