Tender Leaf, A Life on Mars

Type: life on mars

Reach for the stars with this Life on Mars set from Tender Leaf Toys that comes with everything you need to enjoy life on Mars. Your little astronauts will love the realistic space station with its communication towers, astronauts and UFOs.

Watch your child have an amazing time playing independently with the multiple astronauts and rockets onboard their Mars Station. See them creating different situations for them as they explore life on other planets!

  • Age: 3yrs+
  • Material: sustainable rubberwood and responsibly sourced plywood
  • Painted with soft non-toxic colours for a contemporary style
  • Presented in an illustrated colour box
  • Product size: 44.5 x 43.7 x 18.5cm

Set includes:

  • 2 Launch Pads
  • 2 Rockets
  • 2 Lunar Vehicles
  • 2 UFO’s
  • Satellite & Radar
  • 2 Astronauts
  • 2 Cat Astronauts
  • Airlock
  • Living Quarters
  • Communications Tower