Tonies Favourite Children's Songs- Playtime and Action


This Playtime and Action Tonie has a lovely selection of the most popular children's songs, that will get your little up, singing and dancing.  This Tonie comes with 20 songs and has a 50 minute run time.

1) Old McDonald had a farm

2) Girls and Boys come out to play

3) Wheels on the Bus

4) Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes

5) Jack and Jill

6) I'm a little Tea Pot 

7) The Grand Old Duke of York

8) Round and round the garden

9) One, two, three, four, five

10) Tommy Thumb

11) One two buckle my shoe

12) Teddy bear teddy bear

13) Here we go round the mulberry bush

14) Five little Ducks

15) Ring o' ring a roses

16) Do your ears hang low?

17) One finger, one thumb

18) Incy Wincey spider

19) Looby Loo

20) Happy and you know it.