Tonies Here Comes The Gnats


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Wouldnt it be great to be in a sucessful band, playing to sold out venues infront of screaming fans? Leona, Ben, Eileen, luke and Nick are five friends who share that very dream. Calling themselves 'The Gnats' they start along the road of rock 'n' roll fame- which is often very bumpy. 

First of all 'The Gnats' need to write a number of brillant songs, so they are desperately looking for a rehersal room. Annoyingly though, their arch-rivals Krashkidz, seem to be after the same thing! With such bitter sweet rivalry and the threat of revenge from whoever loses, wjho will get the room? And who will win the town battle, the ultimate goal? Welcome to the World of Gnats, the exciting first adventure of The Gnats, full of singing and dancing!


Running time: 69 minutes approximately