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Tonies, Horrible Histories - Rotten Romans

Tonies, Horrible Histories - Rotten Romans

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This awfully awesome Tonie tells the real story of the Rotten Romans – for those who can stomach it!

Journey back in time and unearth some of the foulest facts about the Rotten Romans – if you dare! From beastly battles, gruesome gods and deadly doctors to revolting Roman aromas, you’ll discover the terrible truths they don’t teach you in school!


Age 7+

Approx 61 minutes 

List of titles

01 - A Rome With a View
02 - Roman all over the Place
03 - Sinister Superstitions
04 - Cheerless for Chickens
05 - Rotten Republic
06 - The Barmy Roman Army
07 - Gory Gaul
08 - Evil Emperors
09 - Gruesome Gods
10 - Deadly Doctoring
11 - Gruesome Gladiators



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