Yellow Door, Number Pebbles Number Bonds to 10

Yellow Door Education

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Encourage a fascination for numbers with  our fabulous number pebbles. These popular tactile objects appeal to children’s instinct to explore, investigate, sort and collect.

Each pebble is cast from a special stone and resin mix and engraved with a number (30–45mm). These durable, weatherproof pebbles are ideal for use in sand, water and outdoors, and will not fade over time. Safe for age 2+.

Number Pebbles: Number Bonds to 10Contains 22 pebbles (two of each of the numbers 0–10).



Why we love Yellow Door Education.

At Yellow Door play is at the heart of everything they do!

As publisher of award winning, multisensory resources they believe that helping you to offer language-rich play enviroments is the best thing we can do together to enhance children's learning, their wellbeing and their future success. 

They work very hard to ensure the resources created are fit for purpose and a durable product for example their pebbles are specially cast with the letter shape engraved into the surface of the stone and paint is applied to each indented letter by hand so it can withstand rigurous use throughout an early years enviroment.