We Rock Classic Board

We Rock Classic Board

from 110.00

We are super excited to tell you all about the next generation of the rocker board.  

This is innovative design for the classic the rocker board but with more attention to safety thanks to the stepped or organic edge, ensuring there are no more trapped fingers!!!!

With this classic rocker the finger protection comes in two ways.

The stepped,  which offers a "step" all the way around the board. The Stepped board is finshed with a Varnish which gives the board a smooth look and is easy to wipe clean.


The Organic, the organic board has the no trap finger protection built in.

Both offering protection for little fingers.

Both finshes have the option of a natural or felted finish, this you can currently choose as these are on a pre-order basis, The order time is around 6 weeks.

After placing an order we will be in touch via email to confirm the delivery time and the colour of felt if required.

Recommended for children from the age of 3. Children below that age should only use the board under the supervision of an adult.

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